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SHOPPING CONDITIONS Dear Customers, Please read the following terms carefully before using our services. Each visit to our site, as well as your purchase, means that you have read these terms and agree to them in full. If the conditions are unacceptable to you, please do not use the site GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS These General Terms and Conditions of Use of the Internet Services for the Sale of Women's Fashion Pieces set out the basic rules to be followed by P.R. GUFO WEAR, based in Liberation Boulevard No. 45. MB 64723189, PIB 110200476, web address, contact e-mail (hereinafter: Seller) and End User (hereinafter: Buyer) ) to ensure successful completion of sales transactions through the online sale of an online store. For additional information regarding the order, as well as in case of complaint or cancellation of the order, customers / customers can contact the Customer Service by sending an e-mail to or by calling +381 648383989 (Monday-Friday, 9 am-4pm). The general terms and conditions of the seller set forth herein are intended to make the buyer aware in a clear and unambiguous manner of the conditions under which the sale contract may be concluded, the manner in which such contract is concluded, all the rights and obligations of the buyer when purchasing the goods, as well as the notices that the seller is obliged to to the customers before the conclusion of the contract. Failure to adhere to the rules defined here may result in a failure to complete a payment transaction or a failed order. The Rulebook also specifies the consequences of the Seller and the Buyer in the event of failure to complete a transaction or failed order. The Seller reserves the right to change the terms of use depending on the change in the offer of its services and / or applicable legislation. The general terms and conditions of business of the seller, set forth herein, are an integral part of the contract of sale to be concluded between the seller and the buyer. Before every purchase, the buyer is obliged to familiarize himself with the notices that the seller has pointed out on his site, to check all information related to the conditions of business, and to follow in all respects the procedure for concluding the purchase contract. All online sales orders are binding on both Buyer and Seller at the same time. REPORTING The buyer is obliged to follow the following procedure during the conclusion of the contract of sale during the ordering: • step 1 - familiarization with the general terms and conditions of the seller, notifications of the basic information of the seller, familiarization with the right to unilateral termination of this contract and the text of the form to be filled in the unilateral termination of the contract, familiarization with all rights and obligations of the buyer , all of which are highlighted in a superlative and clear manner on the seller's website; • step 2 - logging in to the portal • Step 3 - Choose your model and quantity of goods by inserting it into the customer basket • step 4 - check / enter shipping information (in case of delivery to another address) • Step 5 - Choose your payment method • Step 6 - Pay by bank card if you choose this payment method • step 7 - check the return message from the Seller-order confirmation and act on the content of the message. One person can order multiple products in one transaction. When the buyer completes all the above steps, they are deemed to have sent the order to the seller. The seller is obliged to confirm the order to the buyer within 2 working days from the moment of receipt of the order or to notify the buyer within the same period that he is not able to deliver the ordered goods to him. The seller will make sure to check the availability of the ordered item as soon as possible. If all the conditions for the purchase are provided, the seller will send a confirmation of the order to the e-mail address indicated by the buyer at registration, thereby accepting the offer for the conclusion of the contract. The contract is considered concluded only after the seller sends an e-mail informing the buyer about the delivery date of the ordered item. If the seller is unable to provide the ordered item, he will send an email informing the buyer that the ordered item is no longer available and that the order has been canceled. In that case, the contract will not be concluded. Product prices are clearly stated on the seller's website. The Seller reserves the right to change the prices without prior notice, as well as the right to add or withdraw from the offer of any item at any time. PAYMENT Payment is made in the following three ways at the customer's choice: • by delivery - in cash, at the same time as delivery of goods to the buyer; • by paying the price of the product to the seller's current account through a payment order or transfer order, before delivering the goods to the buyer. • pay pal When payment for goods is made on delivery, the buyer is obliged to pay the ordered goods to the seller at the same time as the delivery of the ordered goods. When the goods are paid by paying the price into the seller's current account, the buyer is obliged to pay the total price of the ordered goods
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